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As a bankruptcy attorney I prepared and processed Chapters 7 and 13 for individuals and companies in a state of insolvency.
There are people who often declare bankruptcy to eliminate:
Credit card debts with high interest charges;
Stop the constant harassment of creditors at home and at work;
Arrests salary and bank attachments;
To return the driver’s license suspended due to an accident.
Sudden loss of income.
Medical accounts
To deal with foreclosures.
Tax debts.
The failure of a business.

Bankruptcy Attorney Florida. Gonzalez and Associates.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest way to insolvency.
It can help you eliminate most of the unsecured debt.
Since the bankruptcy is declared until the execution of the same.
In many cases, the process can take less than four months.
Chapter 13 is convenient for people who have a stable source of income.
They can afford a payment plan to avoid repossessions and foreclosures.
The specific circumstances of when it is appropriate to apply a Chapter 13.
Are to reduce second and other mortgages to the level of an unsecured debt.
When the market value of a house is less than the sums owed on the first mortgage, and for tax reasons.
Under Chapter 13 the payment plan can be reimbursed.
For a period of three to five years.
As a bankruptcy attorney I will advise you which chapter you should do.

Some bankruptcy attorneys favor Chapter 13.
However, unless there are very specific reasons.
Chapter 7 may be more appropriate.If a bankruptcy lawyer advises you to file for Chapter 13, I definitely recommend that you ask for another opinion.
Experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys will help you make the right decision for your situation.
An analysis of the bankruptcy attorney focuses on your assets and liabilities, as well as your income and expenses from all sources.
Immediately, after making your bankruptcy petition an automatic stay becomes effective.
Condition that you have not been involved in a recent bankruptcy process.
This prevents your creditors from communicating directly with you.
Or they can file a claim to any of their properties.
From the date of your bankruptcy filing.
Creditors are forced to contact your Bankruptcy Attorney Florida.

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